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The ‘Science & Process’ of coke making from coal can be from Imported sources. But the ‘Technology’ which is the Hardware can be of Indigenous source. CarbonoTech can offer Indigenous technology which will be best suited for Indian Conditions of personnel skill available, optimum mechanization & automation. The ‘Science & Process’ can be further improved by adoption of best suitable’ Technology’ i.e., the hardware. CarbonoTech can offer effective and economic coke oven plant and its technology.

We are a fast growing global expert with over four decades of experience in the field of Non Recovery Coke Oven Technology. We empower you with the entire range services right from conception of a plant to the completion of the project in the field of Coke Making and ancillary industries including testing, trial runs and commissioning services, advice on stabilization of operation, imparting training needs to investor’s personnel.

Our experience in development, engineering, construction, commissioning and the operation of Non Recovery Coke Oven allows us to give a comprehensive practical touch to our design and construction.

At CarbonoTech we are committed to provide innovative, cost-effective optimum solution & customization as per our client requirements & our Endeavour for high quality, cost competitive work & safety has helped on developing long-term relationships.

CarbonoTech offers highly cost effective solutions to its clients by considering the key investment factors in: